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Anonymous asked: Could you answer this question, please? I don't mean to be rude so if I come off as that I want to apologize :) what is wrong with having a visual preference? I have dated two guys before, a black guy and a white guy. I can appreciate a good-looking man, no matter if he's white, asian or black. Nevertheless I find myself more attracted to Asian guys, because I think their general features are more attractive. What is bad about that?


Sorry I am just getting to this, I fell asleep rather early —

I don’t want to come off as rude, but saying that you have a preference for a group of people’s looks is still a form of racism, because fetishizing a race devalues an individual.

You sound like you’re trying to say “I don’t see color, but I like Asian guys more” which is hypocritical but I digress.

Having a visual preference would be something like “I love tall guys with broad shoulders and a bright smile, maybe slightly tanned skin.” It is not saying “I prefer Asian/black/white guys”

Also, what Asian guys are you referring to? Korean guys? Pakistani? Indian? Malaysian? I think that non-Asians always have the idea that when someone says their “Asian,” it means that they’ll have fair skin, petite bodies, so on and so forth.

This is simply not the case.

You are describing people from East Asia, whereas people from the continent have varying looks as you cross borders. Even to say guys from East Asia have these specific traits are odd, because much like black or white people, their looks vary from person to person.

I would say remove the idea of preferring an entire race of men for their looks. Visual preferences are natural, but generalizations of a group of guys in a positive light are just as bad as having negative generalizations about them. It makes them seem like less of an individual. This might be a little scattered and there are a lot of social justice bloggers who talk about this, you might want to ask more questions to someone who’s more knowledgeable of fetishization of Asians. I hope I helped a bit.


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That awkward moment when you know more Korean celebrities than your own country’s celebrities.